Social Media: You Can Check Out Anytime

Here’s one of my goals: I want to pull people back from Social Media.

Will I succeed? No, I won’t.

I can’t pull billions of people on this planet away from social media. But I can, with certain people.

Certain people who really want to produce great contents.

Imagine Imam al-Ghazali, al-Khwarizmi, Ibn Sina, and those great scholars from the past. There was no Social Media and TV back in the day.

Their books are masterpiece. Their writings are of everlasting values. Their thoughts are references that people in current time will refer back and back again.

They are Ulul Albab. What is Ulul Albab?

Ulul Albab, as mentioned by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan are the people who have a mind that is actually free from useless information.

What do most people post on Social Media? Is it useful? A cat playing piano?

Nowadays human beings tend to appreciate useless information. Information that has no benefit.

The more useless information we are taking in, the less we are capable of processing good information.

Take one example: If we eat a lot of junk food, and we also eat an apple. Will an apple undo all the damage caused by the junk?

If we want to get healthier, we have to start eating healthy food AND also stop eating junk food. Both come hand in hand and a better health could only be achieved with BOTH being done.

People of clear thought, we have to stop the obsession of obtaining useless information from entertainment devices.

p/s: These messages; are solely intended for creators, especially writers who want to create great contents.

Personal notes:
1. One of the reasons I created Mins Media (minimalist and mindful media) is to prove I can succeed as Content Creator even without Social Media.
2. After learning The Power of Thoughts from Ustaz Nasrullah, penulis buku Rahasia Magnet Rezeki, I check Instagram from time to time