Ramadhan Day 7: Do We Remember God As We Pray?

I refer to the lecture “Foundation of Faith” by Ustadh Nouman.

He mentioned the verse [3:190]

“No doubt about it, in the creation of the sky and the earth, and the conflict between the night and the day (the night turns into the day, and the day turns into the night), there are miraculous sign (there are clear indication) for people of sound (powerful) mind.”

If we truly think about this verse, the sky is pretty incredible. The earth is remarkable.

Those are indeed miraculous signs. But the miraculous signs can only be seen by those with sound (powerful) mind. Those with the ability to think clearly. A sound mind that is free from vanity.

The Arabic word used is ‘Ulul Albab’. Who are the ‘Ulul Albab’? 

Ulul Albab are the people who have a mind that is actually free from useless information.

We nowadays get bombarded with a lot of information. Social media, and any other platforms.

What do most people post on Social Media? Is it useful? A cat playing piano?

Nowadays human beings tend to appreciate useless information. Information that has no benefit. 

The more useless information we are taking in, the less we are capable of processing good information.

Take one example:-
If we eat a lot of junk food, and we also eat an apple. Will an apple undo all the damage caused by the junk?

If we want to get healthier, we have to start eating healthy food AND also stop eating junk food. Both come hand in hand and a better health could only be achieved with BOTH being done.

People of clear thought, we have to stop the obsession of obtaining useless information from entertainment devices.

We will not be able to appreciate the sky and the earth as miracles, until we become people who can get away from useless information. Only then when we receive beneficial information, it will actually impact us.

Surah Muhammad [47: 24] : Don’t they think deeply about Quran or their hearts locked up?

We will not be able to think about the sky and the earth as mentioned in various verses in the Quran if our heart are busy with useless information on the internet, on the TV.

If our heart are sound, when we look up to the sky, we will realize that “Master, You did not create this without purpose.”

For example in Surah-Ankabut, Allah mentioned, “Didn’t they travel around all over the earth and didn’t they take a good look at how creation began?”

Which tafseer do we need to look up to understand this verse?

The tafseer that we need is to really go and figure out how creation began. Travel, and reflect.

In Surah An-Naml, verse 44 about Solomon and the Queen. She stepped on the glass and accepted Islam. The verse of the Quran forces us to see the history – we should explore it.

One of the Quranic verses, “Human being loves to rush”. In traffic, we can’t wait for the red light to turn green. We can’t wait for the plane to start boarding. When this eBook is gonna be over.

In Surah Al-A’raf, verse 179, Allah specifically mentioned the cows. Other animals when they are close to danger, they will react. They run away from it. But the cow does nothing. It doesn’t move.

People that keep their minds numb are the people that keep themselves busy with music, movies, video games, drugs and alcohol. They keep themselves busy, they keep their minds numb until they could not see the world around them.

‘Ula-ika kal-an’am’ – they are like cattle. They don’t even realize the danger around them. They don’t even realize what’s happening.

We try to listen to lectures, we try to learn the Quran, but on the same time we are also obsessed with the entertainment.

If we eat an apple because we want to be healthy, and on the same time we eat a lot of junk food – Will that apple undo all the damage that comes from the junk food?

If we become people that reflect on the Quran, if we can deeply, in meaningful way reflect on the Quran, then we will have the insights. We will have the drive to want to take the best out of this world and use it to make the world a better place.

There’s no such thing as “I’m bored. I don’t know what to do,” only and only if we become people of mission; the one that realize what our life purpose is.

By remembering Allah, hearts become satisfied. Do we remember God while we pray?

Ar-Ra’d [13: 28] : Those who have faith and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah- truly it is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest.

Nouman Ali Khan – Foundation of Faith

[Backdated post;May 2nd,2020]