Minimalism: The Introduction

1. Introduction

We can make life more beautiful via subtraction.

We can filter out the noise.
We can remove unnecessary material possessions.
We can let go of sentimental items.

Because the best things, aren’t things.

2. Presence is The Best Present

Made a special appearance on someone’s birthday.
And she was indeed, touched.
Neither I brought along any gift nor cake.

Because the best things aren’t things.
And the best present is presence.

p/s: She is 40 years older than me.

3. Growth & Contribution

Happiness, as far as I’m concerned,
Is achieved through living a meaningful life.

A life in which we grow as individuals,
And contribute to other people in meaningful ways.

Growth and contribution,
Those are the bedrocks of happiness.
Not stuff.

Because the best things, aren’t things.

4. Less Is More

How could our life be better with less?
Less stuff in that store-room,
Less clothes in the wardrobe,
Less tupperware in the kitchen,
Less time scrolling on social media

But less doesn’t mean deprivation,
And less could lead to more

More money as we don’t spend on junk,
More time as we don’t need to keep browsing to survey stuff,
More peaceful as our home won’t be crowded with unnecessary things.
And the best part is, more ‘space’ for doing something meaningful,
Including spending quality times with family & friends.

Because the best things aren’t things

5. One Day or Day One

One Day or Day One, You Decide

We always want to exercise.
We always want to eat healthy food.
We want to wake up early to pray.
We want to declutter our house.
We want to give away the clothes we no longer wear.
We want to read books.
We want to start our own business.

But we told ourselves:
One Day.

What if One Day becomes Day One?
You decide

6. What is Minimalism

When I told my friend where I live now, his response was, “I thought you’re a minimalist. That place is too biggybillist.”

And then I told him, minimalism has nothing to do with where we live.

To explain it easier, minimalism is about having less material possessions. And the benefit?

It’s easier to organize. Easy on the eyes. More peaceful as there’s no clutter in our house.

We can find things easier as there is no clutter: No clutter on the table. No clutter in the wardrobe. No clutter in the kitchen cabinet.

Less expensive and less debt. Less cleaning and maintaining.

But less does not mean less. Because less is more.

More room for creating. More time for loved ones. More time for doing the things that give us joy.

Because the best things aren’t things

7. Mark’s Wardrobe

So one day, Mark Zuckerberg opened up his wardrobe.
He was wondering what to wear to the office.
And then he took his favorite t-shirt.

It seemed like Mark didn’t care what others might say about him. “Why are you wearing the same clothes?”

8. Minimal Clothes

When is the last time we simplified our wardrobe? Perhaps this weekend will be a great time to simplify it.

But no, I’m not asking you to throw all the clothes you have.

Just go through the clothes, and ask “Do I really want to keep this?”

If the answer is no, that clothes will bring a smile to someone’s face. Just give it away.

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8. What Bring You Joy?

There’s nothing wrong with earning money. But the money alone will not make us happy.

A shiny new car doesn’t make us successful. Also, there’s nothing wrong with owning things we enjoy, but our material possessions alone will not bring us bliss.

So what does bring you joy?
Only you can answer that question.

As for myself, what bring me joy is, to take that single step everyday to complete my own project.

The project that I have put on my vision board, and placed it beside my mattress. (previously)

The one I’m looking at before I sleep, and upon waking up. (also previously)

So what bring you joy?