The Topic That I’m Afraid to Talk About

Not a fan of BigStage, nor watched any of their concerts.

But the other day I saw a photo of someone in black & white on TV. Only last night, while flipping the channel, I came to a realization that the demise was one of the participants of BigStage.

The death of that singer made me ponder. We all will die.

For that reason, I believe we shouldn’t keep any rancor in our heart. Yang dah lepas, biar ia berlalu pergi. Tak perlu disimpan.

Her death also made me realized that I need to move on & focus on what really matters; to leave a great legacy.

On a different note, I hope there won’t be such a Tribute Concert in the future. My biggest heartfelt respect goes to Rancangan TV Roda Impian that ended production as a symbol of respect for Hani Mohsin’s death (Source: Wikipedia)

p/s: The title “The Topic That I’m Afraid to Talk About” is referring to death. A quote from someone, “Hari ni kita dengar berita kematian tetang orang. Suatu hari nanti orang dengar berita kita pula.”

I’m afraid about this. Seorang ulama’ pernah berkongsi something similar (I don’t remember his exact words though): Ingat mati saja tak cerdik. Yang cerdik nya, adalah apabila kita buat persiapan ke arah itu.