The Hardest Advice is The One You Have to Give to Yourself

There are certain people on this earth who were given extremely hard ‘test’.

Before I get to the point, I want to briefly explain on the word Rabb in Al-Fatihah. Rabbil A’lamin.

The word Rabb, as explained by Nouman Ali Khan in tafseer al Fatihah; Ar-Rab huwa [1]Al-malik, wa [2]As-sayyid, wa [3]Al-Murobbi, wa, [4]Al-Mun’im, wa [5]Al-Qayyim

Nouman further explained on Al’Mun’im as the Gift Giver.

Everthing that we have is a gift from Allah. The oxygen that we breath for example, is indeed a gift. Think of some people in hospital who need to pay for it.

Some people walk with feet, and some walk with limbs – can you imagine how sad are those people? And they can’t question why Allah didn’t give them hands and legs.

People who don’t get what normal people are getting have to be extra patient.

Nick Vujivic, said he always wanted to kill himself when he was younger. Can you imagine how he has to motivate himself on a daily basis to get up?

And look at him now, he has inspired millions of people on this earth.

There are things which are considered as basic needs, and some people don’t receive it in this world.

Some people walk with feet, and some walk with limbs. Some people got married, and some people don’t. Some people got children, and some don’t.

These are among the people who need to stay calm and always remind themselves, “Whatever has been decreed by Allah, that’s the best.”

You might have your own struggles that no one understands.

The hardest advice is the one you have to give to yourself. Because nobody understand what you are going through.

My advice is to just stay calm and focus on contribution. Because when we contribute to others, we don’t have time to think about ourselves. We won’t have time to think about ‘our kekurangan’.

Truth be told, jadikan kekurangan itu suatu kelebihan.