So then, what’s my story?

I believe we’re all hardwired with an bottomless hunger for contributing. Be it right now you’re wondering what can you contribute to the society or what’s mine; it doesn’t matter. As long as we help at least one person a day (be it our parents, family, partner, children, friends or even a stranger).

I was wondering how an owner of Nasi Kerabu restaurant makes more money than a CEO of an Investment Company. I came to a realization that it is all about contribution: how do we use our talents or passions to benefit others?

You’re great in cooking? How many people have you served? You’re great in accounting? How deep is your contribution to the company you’re currently served in? It’s either we go wider (reach more people), or we go deeper (provide more value to the same people).

A bit about me: The drive to discover and share beneficial knowledges has guided me from my days working with content marketing to where I am today.

Writing and marketing are my forte; want to exchange ideas on these subjects? Great, let’s talk!

You can reach me through:
Email: write@mins.my | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook (been inactive for quite some time)