The secrets revealed!

What are the secrets to stay focused to get our writing project done? Like seriously done? I’ll show you how to do it.

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It's time to finish it
and get things done during this pandemic time!

Does this sound familiar?

● “I’ve been writing this for months now, but I still haven’t finished it. Will I be able to complete it?”

● “I check my Facebook every other minute while writing. It’s really hard to stay focused!”

● “When my mum (or friend) keeps asking whether I have finished my book, I feel intimidated by it. I wish they never asked!”

We can never blame anyone. It’s our own book, our own write up, our own thesis.

The Secrets of Writing Faster, like its title says, shares all the basic secrets for writers on how to get your write up done.

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Table of Contents

1 Time Management: Quality vs Quantity
Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time Working on Your Write Up Endlessly!

2 Time Hack
How to Find Extra Time Working on Your Write Up While Having a Full-Time Job

3 Focus Hack
How to Stay Focused While Online

4 Redesign My Brain to Focus
Understand the Three Basic Things Before Staying Focused

5 Writer’s Block
How to Get Ideas Flowing Like a River Flows

6 Meaningful Life
Lesson Learned from a Guy Who Wrote At Least 50 Books

7 Life Challenges
How To Overcome Any Sudden Life Challenges that Arise while Working on Your Write Up

8 Parenting 101
Kids & Projects (Note: This chapter will show you how to help you kids to sleep early at night, so that you focus on your write up)

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Take Action Now
Imagine having your writing done!

There are times when we are being so productive we could  write more than 1,000 words per day.

And there are also times when we open up our laptop, getting ready to work on our write up, but we just spend all day scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and find less time left to focus on our real work. We end up shutting down our laptop in frustration.

So, we plan to really focus tomorrow, but the same thing repeats. There are too many things to do, too many websites to check, and it feels like we are spending all our time on the internet just looking for anything.

And then, our phone keeps beeping. Facebook shows new notifications. We have to reply to our friends’ comments. Instagram craves our attention too. Multiple tabs are open all at once because everything seems important. In the end, we leave our laptop and no work gets done.

If you’re in this situation and desiring a solution, then you have come to the right place. I’ll show you how you can do it.


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